Hi, I’m Rachel Mills.


A Michigan-based Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) with nearly a decade of nonprofit experience. 

I have a Bachelor’s degree in PR and Nonprofit Leadership and a Master’s degree in Counseling with a specialty in Trauma. I’m a creative, organized, and successful entrepreneur who is ready to help your nonprofit spend less money to raise more. 

I know what small nonprofits with tight budgets want but often can’t afford: successful fundraising plans, engaging social media strategies, and effective marketing collateral. I know because I spent years on small nonprofit teams trying to wear all of the hats. The truth is, it’s pretty rare to find a professional who can do that well and it is nearly impossible to sustain in the long-run. Sometimes we need the outside expertise and helping hand of a consultant to get the job done.

I strive to help world-changing organizations propel their missions forward by providing affordable and high-quality content, strategies, and designs. I do so by co-creating cohesive and compelling marketing and fundraising strategies with my clients. 

I have worked with and created award-winning campaigns for highly-successful nonprofits such as World Vision, Big Brothers Big Sisters, United Way, Communities In Schools, and more. My client’s content has also been featured in publications like the Nonprofit Pro, Nonprofit Times, The Chronicle of Philanthropy, Yahoo Finance, The Washington Business Journal, MLive, and more.

If you’re looking for a consultant who “gets” what it’s like to be a nonprofit professional, has a proven track record of happy clients, and works with excellence, integrity, and innovation, then I belive I’ll be a great match to help you achieve your goals.

Hey there, I’m Kylie Davis.


Your passion is my passion. Here’s what I mean: I care most about helping others pursue what they care most about. 

I spent my time in school studying disciplines I was fascinated by and I knew I could use to help others. I majored in Public Relations, and I minored in Rhetoric and Writing Studies and Event Management. I didn’t know who exactly I was going to support when I graduated, but I was prepared to come alongside their mission in whatever way they needed me to. 

Whether it’s writing copy that resonates with your people, bringing your ideas to life in design, or developing strategy that helps you high-five your fundraising goals—my greatest joy is hearing you take that sigh of relief, knowing you’re not in this alone

In both my professional and personal life, I strive to understand where others are coming from and help them identify how to get to where they want to be. I do this through empathetic listening, offering thoughtful guidance, and bringing a sense of calm to whatever environment I’m in—no matter how stressful or how high the stakes may be.

I’m people-driven, results-oriented, and work with a diligent attention to detail. I thrive on supporting others, going above and beyond every task, and making everyone’s jobs easier.

There aren’t many things that can help an organization flourish like trust and dependability, and I pride myself on being dedicated to both. Let’s do this, together.

 Our most requested services include:

  • Content (think: articles/blogs, social media copy, website content, emails, white papers, case studies, e-books)
  • Strategy (think: annual strategic plans, press releases, campaigns)
  • Design (think: new websites, marketing collateral, crowdfunding campaigns)

Our mission is simple: Help others, help others. We do this work because we genuinely care and want to see our nonprofit clients thrive.

Content. Strategy. Design.

Let us help your nonprofit spend less money to raise more!